REVIEW: Just a Little Embrace (Just a Little #2) by Tracie Puckett

Title: Just a Little Embrace
Author: Tracie Puckett
Series: Just a Little #2

Gone are the days of police patrol. With ten hours to go before completing her job shadowing project, seventeen-year-old Julie Little’s assignment has switched gears, and now she’s required to start living the lifestyle of every man (and woman) in uniform. Under Luke’s command, Julie is obligated to complete her remaining hours through early morning exercise training. And despite her distaste for physical exertion, Julie’s crush on her mentor continues to grow by leaps and bounds with each passing day. And just when she’s certain that she’s making progress in her relationship with Luke, Julie learns that the new guy in town has taken an interest in winning her heart… and as far as she’s concerned, there’s only room in her heart for one man… even if he still hasn’t figured out that they’re meant to be.
Wow, for a short story this book sure packs a punch! It was a fluffy read and I felt I just really needed a contemporary and fluffy read after reading so many sic-fi and paranormal books. The covers in this series are simple however, I do find them effective, with different facial expressions for each they capture the emotions that go on in the books.

Julie Little has now finished her assignment of working at the police station however she must still undertake the fitness aspect of being a in the police force, with Luke as her mentor. But, with so much time being spent with Luke, Julie just can't help her feelings slowly developing even to the extreme of not wanting to be away from him, however he is six years older. Additionally to add to her problems, new next door neighbours have arrived bringing along an annoying little sister vying for her cousins attention. And to top it all off, they are a little strange and pestering. With no one to turn to, Julie must venture on her own, through good and bad.

Julie is a character whom I have come to like more, especially in this second instalment. She initially comes across as a girl who gets everything she wants, when she wants it and so does not take kindly to rejection. However, in this story we see the emotional side to Julie's character allowing us to see her through her struggles and enable us to justify our perceptions surrounding her.

The plot I found went extremely quickly, with some scenes I would have liked to have been explored more. There were additionally few significant events that occurred throughout the plot meaning you were only waiting till the last quarter of the book. At the end of the book though, when looking back on the minimal events that did occur in the earlier stages of the book you realised how they escalated to the end result. And boy, was that one ending. I just... ahh! It was capturing and emotional, definitely one that will pull on the heartstrings.

This is a short story that will definitely want you craving the third instalment: Just a Little Sincerity.

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