REVIEW: Poor Little Dead Girls by Lizzie Friend

Title: Poor Little Dead Girls
Author: Lizzie Friend
Publisher: F+W/Adams Media
Date of Release: 18th December 2013
Pages: 288
Source: *Received in exchange for an honest review*

Perfect people aren't just born. They're made.

The first time she is blindfolded and kidnapped, star-athlete and posh boarding school newbie Sadie is terrified. She wakes up in a dark room surrounded by hushed whispers, hooded strangers, and a mysterious voice whispering not-so-sweet nothings in her ear. 

But once the robes come off, she realizes it’s just an elaborate prank designed to induct her into the group that’s been pulling the strings at Keating Hall for generations. The circle has it all--incredible connections; fabulous parties; and, of course, an in with the brother society’s gorgeous pledges. 

The instant popularity is enough to make Sadie forget about the unexplained marks on her body, the creepy ceremonial rituals, and the incident that befell one of her teammates the year before. So the next time Sadie is kidnapped, she isn’t scared, but she should be. The worst of Keating Hall is yet to come.

I was so excited to start this book when I was accepted to review it, it exclaimed mystery, danger and pure creepiness... I felt I got none of those to much extent. The cover is eye-catching, it appears simple however extremely effective with the different types of terrain lining the inside of each word.

Sadie is believed to be a normal girl who miraculously got a scholarship for her lacrosse to the infamous Keating school. Surrounded by rich, spoilt girls and roommates with two famous english girls who would rather be on elsewhere. But Sadie soon discovers there is more to the boys and girls boarding schools than meets the eye, for example: a secret society. But is there something more behind the secret society?

Sadie is an innocent girl who appears to go along with anything, however she is not afraid to question numerous things that they do... after it has been performed? She doesn't even try to do anything to attempt to find out more. She will just ask a question, they will say something like "You will find out soon" and leaves it at that; it can come across as a little naive. But, she does think of the future of her father when she agrees as she is promised power and money, meaning she is put in a tricky situation.

The plot felt as if it was going no-where. I did not feel engaged in any way and many of the scenes felt very repetitive, such as when they are in the dressing room and discussing about the dances. There was no wow factor for me and it was not creepy. I stopped at page 190, over one third of the way through and nothing interesting or meaningful in my eyes really occurred.

I sadly did not finish this book and was extremely disappointed, it had so much potential but the plot just did not catch my attention.

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