REVIEW: Undercover with the Hottie (Investigating the Hottie #2) by Juli Alexander

Undercover with the Hottie by Juli Alexander
Series: Investigating the Hottie #2
Published by Suasponte Press on 21st January 2014
Pages: 240
Source: *Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Amanda and Will are back! This time, they're heading to New York City the day after Christmas. The mission: stop an assassination plot against the UN Secretary General. Aunt Christie and her partner Nic, are back as well, and playing the role of the parents on the undercover operation.

As for Amanda and Will, they're still adjusting to the boyfriend-girlfriend thing, but while in the Big Apple, they are pretending to be brother and sister. Oh, and don't forget Grandma. She's on the team as well. Can Will and Amanda convince the New York teens that they're twins? Can they track down the bad guys before the ball drops in Times Square? Because if they fail, lives will be lost and the UN and the US may never be the same.
Fun, adventurous and dangerous this novel will draw you straight in. I don't exactly get the cover and its association with the espionage aspect of this novel; as you can gather it wasn't the cover that caught my eye, but the title.

When newly-dating Amanda and Will get their first mission together revealed to them, they didn't expect to have to pretend to be brother and sister, complicating matters incredibly. Their first mission includes possible assassination of the UN Secretary General on New Years Eve. Can Amanda and Will find them before they them first?

Even a loyal man can make the mistake of trusting the wrong people.
Undercover with the Hottie by Juli Alexander (Ebook)

Amanda and Will are both completely adorable, they are both fun, loving, caring and intelligent teens whom always try their best at everything. My favourite character though has to be Granda, she was an incredibly lively and happy character who knew exactly what she was doing. She was humorous and a very cool Grandma who is one of the hackers for the GASI unit; she always brought a smile to my face!

We all laughed. Grandma was a handful.
Undercover with the Hottie by Juli Alexander (Ebook)

This was a fast-paced read with espionage, action and danger. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I am definitely looking forward to reading about more of Amanda and Will's adventures and spy training.

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