REVIEW: Shift by Jeff Povey

Shift by Jeff Povey
Published by Simon & Schuster UK Children's
Pages: 320
Source: *Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Get ready for one apocalyptic detention. These misfits are going to save the world!
Meet Rev, Billie, the Ape, Johnson, GG, Carrie, the Moth and Lucas, a motley crew of bickering teens who find themselves totally alone in the world after a strange power surge hits their classroom during detention. With no answers as to why or how the rest of the world has disappeared, the mismatched group is soon facing a bigger nightmare than they could ever imagine… Standing between them and the only way home are lethal duplicate versions of themselves, super powered teenagers who will kill anyone who gets in their way. Our unlikely heroes must somehow work together to save themselves… or they'll never see home again.

Shift is the first in a fast-paced, page turner of a series, filled with action, adventure and humour. Perfect for fans of Michael Grant, Charlie Higson and Antony Horowitz and for anyone who loves Misfits or Shaun of the Dead.
Fast-pace and captivating, you have to expect the unexpected of the unexpected! The last line of the synopsis was the cherry on top of the cake when I was deciding whether to request it: "For anyone who loves… Shaun of the Dead", I don't think I have ever clicked a request button so rapidly! The cover: to be honest, when I saw the cover I presumed a story of espionage; its dark and quite plain meaning I am not a great fan of the cover. BUT THE CONTENT! WOW!

Eight teenagers all in detention, never thought their day could get any worse. Until everyone disappears in a flash… literally. This group of teens, all incredibly different from one another, must try to work together to solve one of the most frightening events of their lives. And to top it off, they will fighting off their super-skilled, super-strong and super-alien twins, to be crowned victorious in this dangerous and life-threatening nightmare.

The characters:
  • Rev: strong, persistent and cautious she always does whats best for those around her. What I did particularly like about her was she wasn't afraid to say she was scared and she tried her hardest to help resolve problems amongst the group.
  • Billie: she annoyed me, she was rather selfish whom didn't seem to care at all about her best friend or any others (except someone in particular) and just wanted to get home, with or without everyone else.
  • Ape: incredibly infuriating and annoying… but it worked! He added some light humour and an arrogant personality to the group; what I liked most about him was his progression throughout the novel, he began to realise things and think about others more. Furthermore, he was always there to protect them all (even though it was only because he wanted to destroy things.)
  • Johnson: Our mysterious and careful male, he was carefree and always just went for it; you could never tell what he was really thinking.
  • GG: He was humorous and would just babble on about random things. He added fun to the novel and you will be surprised how strong he actually it as the novel progresses.
  • Carrie: Extremely argumentative and lazy, always acting like the weakest so she gets the easy way out.

The plot was incredibly unique, you are twisted from one thought to another, never enabling you to settle on one, I can certainly say I never expected the outcomes. The plot was intricately planned and fast-paced; thrillingly exciting, there was never a dull moment. Alongside the danger, there is comical moments with fun banter that will have you shaking your head with a smile plastered on your face.

This novel is fast-paced, dangerous, action-packed and explosive. Destruction will occur at all moments blocking your path and daring you to take another. It was truly mind-blowing, and that ending! I need to know what happens!

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