REVIEW: The Worst Girlfriend in the World by Sarra Manning

The Worst Girlfriend in the World by Sarra Manning
Published by Atom on 1st May 2014
Pages: 336
Source: *Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

My best friend was now my deadliest enemy, the one person I'd hate beyond all measure for the rest of my life . . .

Franny Barker's best friend, Alice, is the worst girlfriend in the world according to the many boys of Merrycliffe-on-Sea. She toys with them, then dumps them. But she'll never dump fashion-obsessed Franny. Nothing and no one can come between them.

Not even tousle-haired rock god, Louis Allen, who Franny's been crushing on hard. Until Alice, bored with immature boys and jealous of Franny's new college friends, sets her sights on Louis. Suddenly, best friends are bitter rivals.

Is winning Louis's heart worth more than their friendship? There's only one way for Franny to find out.
A fun, light read! You get to witness the transition of an English girl from high school, and the troubles she faces when leaving a best friend behind. The cover was definitely what caught me, it is bright, young and colourful, the title was especially intriguing. It captured the youth of our protagonist alongside the stereotyped problems she faces.

When Franny starts college, she is leaving behind her well known Best Friend whom is hated by everyone! But as she begins her new Designer course she has another objective, talk to Louis Allen, but as her battle begins to step into dangerous territory and she makes new friends, jealousy soon attacks her.

Franny was a character whom I neither liked not disliked, she has a great personality, was a little shy but had determination and belief in herself and her goal. However she was rather immature on occasions and I was disappointed that she stooped as low as Alice. Then we have Alice... Alice, Alice, Alice how I strongly disliked you Alice. She was immature and incredibly selfish, though she gave her speech at the end, I still didn't like her.

The events that occurred were anticipated with the ending being stereotypical. HOWEVER! It was a lovely, cute read of a friendship growing stronger after all their troubles. If you like a cute, and a story of which you immediately know where the story is heading, then read it. However, for me I didn't always hold my attention.

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