REVIEW: Witch Hunt (Witch Finder #2) by Ruth Warburton

Witch Hunt by Ruth Warburton
Series: Witch Finder #2
Published by Hodder Children's Books on 5th June 2014
Pages: 384
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Eighteen-year-old Witch Hunter Luke Lexton has failed his initiation into the Malleus Maleficorum - the secretive brotherhood devoted to hunting witches. Instead of killing the witch he picked from the Book of Witches, he has committed the worst possible crime: he has fallen for her. 

Sixteen-year-old witch girl Rosa Greenwood has failed to secure her struggling family's future by marrying the handsome, cruel, rich and powerful Sebastian Knyvet. Instead she has set fire to his factory and has brought disgrace on her family.

Now together they are on the run - from Rosa's ex-fiancé and from Luke's former brothers in the Malleus. As they flee across England, and with the danger of their past catching up to them ... can they overcome their differences?

Can a witch hunter ever find love with a witch girl? 

The emotions through this book, just… ah! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am so pleased to have carried on with the trilogy. The cover is stunning, so bright and magical, the small beautiful illustrations are a brilliant companion to the novel.

Rosa and Luke are on the run from one of the most powerful and wealthiest witches, Rosa's ex-fiance, and a group of Witch Finders who want to kill Luke. So they flee across England in a mad rush to escape with very limited resources, and distinctive features. As time goes on, Rosa and Luke build a relationship that is forbidden and looked down upon. But can you really deny true love?

"No. He'd not known any better. He had grown up with ignorance and fear and hatred, drunk it down with his bedtime milk, chewed on it with his morning bread, learnt it alongside his ABC and the Lord's Prayer."
Witch Hunt by Ruth Warburton, paperback page 370

One of the main focuses in this sequel was the relationship of Luke and Rosa, from the events they had become more mature and their actions to flee became more desperate. However, we were able to explore their personality more, though their relationship did take over the plot a little; they are both strong characters who worked well as a team. I enjoyed how Warburton continued to provide the novel from two perspectives, it gave an insight into the worries of both, but their thoughts and feelings on the same situations.

The plot I felt was fast-paced with lots of edge-of-your-seat moments alongside action and adventure. I was pleased to find the mystery was continued regarding Sebastian's family, especially his mother, as she is still a prominant figure throughout the novel.

This was a brilliant sequel to Witch Finder of which I thoroughly enjoyed, the relationship of a young forbidden couple and a Witch Hunt captured your attention with Witch fighting, mystery and magic.

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