[UK GIVEAWAY] REVIEW: The Rise (The Originals #1) by Julie Plec

The Rise by Julie Plec
Series: The Originals #1
Published by Hodder Children's Books by 5th February 2015
Pages: 352
Source: *Received from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review* Thank you!

It's the year 1722. Ever since the siblings Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah Mikaelson landed on the shores of New Orleans, they have been fighting to claim the city as their own. They are the oldest vampires in the world, trying to share the city with the witches and the werewolves.

Enter Vivianne. Raised as a witch, she is betrothed to a werewolf for a union that should bring peace between the witches and the werewolves. She is the only girl in New Orleans off limits to the Mikaelsons. Klaus immediately plans to make Vivianne his own.

Can the vampires cling on to their territories in the city? Or will Vivienne and Klaus trigger a battle bigger than anything New Orleans has ever known?
Dark and addictive, THE RISE is the perfect beginning to THE ORIGINALS trilogy! Though the covers are a little cheesy, I cannot complain about Klaus being on there. And look at the whole trilogy together, they have beautifully vibrant colours:

In 1722 it is believed a truce will come between the witches and werewolf from Vivianne's marriage to a werewolf. Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah have never felt as though they belonged in New Orleans, therefore Elijah goes on the hunt for a witch and a property, but what he also finds could break apart any truce. Then comes Klaus who wants to claim Vivianne for him own, which will completely destroy the truce if it occurs. But whilst all this is happening, Rebekah is off seducing an army general, but what she finds could start a war. Will the Mikaelsons let this truce happen, or is it already doomed to fall?

The characters in this novel I have loved from the very beginning, especially when watching The Vampire Diaries. Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah were all portrayed perfectly; Plec did an amazing job of putting our favourite TV characters into a novel. They were strong, fierce and sassy, but certainly showed their more vulnerable side when in love. Being rebellious and unforgiving, they truly added a sense of pure danger and suspense to the novel, especially when you were unable to figure out what they would do next. The key aspect I liked from these characters was their close family bond. They were completely inseparable and would help one another when they could, even if they did not agree with some things they did, they always stuck together as one and their trust in one another stays true.

The plot of this novel was dangerous and addictive. You have perspectives from all three point-of-views which allows you to explore their individual characters more, but also understand different events that occur from their own perspective. The plot is fast paced and the historical aspect allows you to witness the division in society alongside the social rules of that time. Pairing this with the supernatural society comes a whole lot of anger-filled drama.

Addictive and fierce, THE RISE is full of danger and supernatural war that will not let you stop reading till the very end!

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