REVIEW: Lying Out Loud (The Duff #2) by Kody Keplinger

Lying Out Loud by Kody Keplinger
Series: The Duff #2
Published by Hodder Children's Books on 2nd June 2015
Pages: 368
Source: *Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Revisit Hamilton High in this MUST READ for all fans of The DUFF - co-starring Bianca and Wesley.

Sonny Ardmore is an excellent liar. She lies about her dad being in prison. She lies about her mom kicking her out. And she lies about sneaking into her best friend's house every night because she has nowhere else to go.

Amy Rush might be the only person Sonny shares everything with - secrets, clothes, even a nemesis named Ryder Cross.
Ryder's the new kid at Hamilton High and everything Sonny and Amy can't stand - a prep-school snob. But Ryder has a weakness: Amy. So when Ryder emails Amy asking her out, the friends see it as a prank opportunity not to be missed.

But without meaning to, Sonny ends up talking to Ryder all night online. And to her horror, she realizes that she might actually 'like' him. Only there's one small catch: he thinks he's been talking to Amy. So Sonny comes up with an elaborate scheme to help Ryder realize that she's the girl he's really wanted all along. Can Sonny lie her way to the truth, or will all her lies end up costing her both Ryder and Amy?

The DUFF is a New York Times Bestseller and a major motion picture starring Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell, Mae Whitman and Alison Janney.
I could not continue after already struggling through 70%. I can honestly say I will not be reading another Kody Keplinger book, they are just not for me. I also really do not like the cover, it is really cheesy.

Amy and Sonny have been best friends since nursery, and have always remained that way. However the one thing that has the potential to break their friendship, overconfident and annoying Ryder Cross. Who has a crush on Amy. Whilst Sonny develops a crush on Ryder. Amy and Sonny's friendship is put to the test; can a boy really come between two best friends?

The characters in this novel were infuriating! We had:
  • Sonny: She must be one of the worst friends I have read about. She is incredibly selfish, but is also obsessed with lying. Not to mention the way she treats Amy, pretending to be her and saying all those things to Ryder as Amy. I do not understand why she would not just tell him it was her!
  • Amy: She just would not stand up for herself. I mean, would you really give your phone to your friend to make the guy dislike you? On Sonny's part it was incredibly immature, but I was pleased to read the part where Amy finally stood up for herself more.
  • Ryder: What sort of a love interest was he?! There was absolutely no character development, we knew nothing about him except for how mean and opinionated he was; from what we knew of Ryder, which was very little, I really disliked him; meaning I had no interest in finding out more.

The plot of this novel from the very start had the ability to be amazing, but it was executed poorly. I constantly found myself bored and tired of hearing Sonny's conversations with Ryder, followed by her repetition of conflicted emotions. But in all honesty, nothing happened in this novel. All that happened was: Sonny and Amy speaking to Ryder, trying to make Amy sound unappealing to him, and Sonny trying to get his attention. It was sadly really boring and unimaginative.

Therefore sadly having DNF'd this novel at 70% I will no longer be reading any of Keplinger's future novels.

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