REVIEW: TimeBomb (TimeBomb Trilogy #1) by Scott K. Andrews

TimeBomb by Scott K. Andrews
Series: TimeBomb Trilogy #1
Published by Hodder & Stoughton on 9th October 2014
Pages: 336
Source: *Received from Publisher in exchange for an honest review*

New York City, 2141: Yojana Patel throws herself off a skyscraper, but never hits the ground.

Cornwall, 1640: gentle young Dora Predennick, newly come to Sweetclover Hall to work, discovers a badly-burnt woman at the bottom of a flight of stairs. When she reaches out to comfort the dying woman, she's knocked unconscious, only to wake, centuries later, in empty laboratory room.

On a rainy night in present-day Cornwall, seventeen-year-old Kaz Cecka sneaks into the long-abandoned Sweetclover Hall, determined to secure a dry place to sleep. Instead he finds a frightened housemaid who believes Charles I is king and an angry girl who claims to come from the future.

Thrust into the centre of an adventure that spans millennia, Dora, Kaz and Jana must learn to harness powers they barely understand to escape not only villainous Lord Sweetclover but the forces of a fanatical army... all the while staying one step ahead of a mysterious woman known only as Quil.
Impeccably unique and mesmerising, Andrews takes an astoundingly interesting take on time travel. I really love the cover, so bright and eye-catching!

When Dora and Yojana fall from the ceiling of a room where Kaz is pulled towards, they are all shocked by their appearance. Coming from different eras, they must stick together to find out what is going on, and to figure out who is chasing them, why, and how to stop them.

The characters in this novel are varied. You have a variety of personalities which is probably because of the different eras they have come from influencing their different mannerisms. Reading the novel from three different perspectives could have been a struggle, however Andrews really created characters that were so well differentiated you were able to simply identify whom was who. The characters were so intriguing. Dora coming from the 1600s was a lovely girl who was pleasant and friendly to all. However she was strong and certainly was not afraid to put her foot down when she felt needed to; historical fiction is one of my favourite genres so therefore witnessing someone from that era be brought into the 2000s was incredibly fascinating. Kaz was a mysterious protagonist whom you could not help but like. He always got on well with Yojana and Dora and was sort of the middle-man, always keeping them calm and on-course. Yojanna was from the future in the 2100s. I felt her story was the most interesting. Her scattered references to her deaths were puzzling and intriguing, not to mention the use of technology in her time. The characters were amazing and, though very different, they worked brilliantly together.

The plot is what knocked down the stars for me. It was amazing, weird and astonishing, unlike anything I had read before. But because of this, you had to always really concentrate whilst reading which therefore meant many a times I would fall asleep as my brain would just sort-of give up. However, I cannot fault the intricate puzzle Andrews created, it really is something quite special. Though it was definitly that ending, I mean, Dora! I just... did not expect it at all!

Therefore I am incredibly excited for the sequel!

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