REVIEW: Falling Hard (Roller Girls #1) by Megan Sparks

Title: Falling Hard
Author: Megan Sparks
Series: Rollers Girls #1
Publisher: Capstone Press (MN)
Date of Release: July 1st 2013
Pages: 256
Source: *Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

When Annie moves from London to a small town in the midwest, she struggle to fit in. She gets off to a bad start when she makes an enemy of her school's queen bee, Kelsey. But she discovers a new passion, the exciting sport of roller derby, and makes friends with the cool and quirky girls on her team, the Liberty Belles. She also meets Jesse, the friendly boy who works at the roller rink, and Tyler, a cute, all-American sports star.

This was an adorable story with a twist of bad-ass roller girls... they made me want to grab my skates and run to the nearest roller derby club and attempt to skate! (For me, thats the first step.)

The cover is gorgeous, I love the theme of yellow as it causes it to stand out and the whole roller-derby-game-face thing going on, very creepy which makes me scared and not want to face her.

Annie is a fourteen-year-old teen and just moved from London to the quiet town of Illinois. To be honest, she sticks out like a sore thumb, but immediately becomes best friends with Lexie, one of her neighbours. Due to Annie's height, she was unable to continue doing gymnastics of which she loves! So, she auditions to become a cheerleader which allows her to use her effortless gymnastic skills to blow the audiences minds... but she never thought she could use them in roller derby. After seeing the life of a roller girl, where all are equal, they all help eachother and are never sore losers against the cheerleaders who are only in it for themselves, are selfish and treat others with complete disrespect, Annie must decide if she goes down the path of fun and bad-ass roller derby or to the ever jealous cheerleaders...

Annie is a wonderful character. Born and bred in London with an overworking mum of whom she rarely sees and a dad who could give Jamie Oliver a run for his money, she moves miles away to start a fresh... and help her dad bring his dream to life. Being British, she is immediatly hounded with questions and comments about her accent of which she deals with very maturely, even if she does find it very annoying at times. She thinks things through and always does her best in everything she does. She is mature, five foot eleven and faces the challenge of surviving the first week of school without making any enemies... lets just say that failed IMMEDIATELY! Then we have Lexie, everyone needs one of her. She is a very quirky character who says it how it is and never holds back, she is also a very dear friend to Annie and earned a lifetime of scones for painting their british themed cafe.

Megan Sparks highlights a lot of key aspects of the challenges a British teen would face when moving to the States, for example her words, accent and references. This was a very refreshing read of which made you laugh in hysterics and bite-your-nails with nervousness, it also gave a real insight into the sport of roller derby which I really enjoyed seeing as I haven't heard much about it before.

I highly recommend this book as I enjoyed it greatly and could not stop laughing!

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