[REVIEW] Just a Little Crush (Just a Little #1) by Tracie Puckett

Title: Just a Little Crush
Author: Tracie Puckett
Series: Just a Little Series #1
Publisher: Tracie Puckett
Date of Release: 11th December 2012
Pages: 53

When a class assignment requires seventeen-year-old Julie to shadow someone on the job, she’s overwhelmed by the decisions she’ll have to make. After all, she has no clue what she wants from life post-graduation. So when her Uncle Charlie, Oakland’s Chief of Police, suggests Julie fulfill her twenty hours of required job shadowing at the local police department, she’s thrilled at his solution. Thinking she’ll spend her days filing paperwork behind a desk, she finds herself quickly agreeing to his proposition. But Julie’s expectations are soon turned upside down when she meets Luke, the young and handsome (albeit somewhat stubborn) officer she’s assigned to shadow on patrol.
With every hour she logs with Luke at the wheel, her feelings stir deeper, and Julie can’t help but wonder if what she’s feeling has developed into more than just a little crush.

This was an adorable story, it was a quick read however still managed to leave you wanting more. The cover is very pink, it makes it bright and stand out catching your attention immediately. It also applies to how you would think our protagonist would look, such as the glasses and blonde hair.

Julie has suffered a lot of pain in the past year, she lost her parents and so is now staying with her cousin and uncle. And being in the police force runs in the family. When they are tasked with spending twenty hours at their chosen work placement, Julie feels as if her worst nightmare has come true due to the fact that she has no idea what path she wants to go down in her future. But when she is offered a placement at the police station, she assumes it going to be a breeze... maybe not.

Julie is a character you will either love or hate. She has a bad attitude and feels that everything she wants will just be given to her on a silver platter meaning she doesn't have to lift a finger. But, we later find out that she was never always like this, even her cousin has noticed how withdrawn she has become with her surroundings, meaning the reader may then sympathise with her because of how much she has gone through.

The romance side of the story was interesting. In ways it was quite funny the way they were both very stubborn and quip with each other, however, you did see how much alike they were creating a stronger bond between them.

This is a fun and quick fluffy read that will want you begging to know what happens next! Part 2 in the series: Just a Little Embrace.

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