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REVIEW: Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror (Tales of Terror #1) by Chris Priestly

Title: Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror
Author: Chris Priestly
Series: Tales of Terror #1
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's
Date of Release: 2008
Pages: 240

Edgar's uncle lives in a house beyond the woods. Edgar is sure that the village children watch him from behind the trees as he passes through, but he is determined not to show his fear.

One day Edgar's uncle enthrals him with a chilling set of tales, and there is evidence of each one having actually happened: a tiny doll, a gilt frame, and old brass telescope... How did Uncle Montague come by such a grim collection of cursed objects?

But there is no time for answers. Edgar has to make it back through those woods before dark... or are the answers OUT THERE?

Prepare to be chilled to the bone as you discover that Uncle Montague is the subject of perhaps the most surprising and most terrifying tale of all.

This book will run goosebumps along your spine and have you hiding under your chair with your arm still extended as you read, because you just can't stop for one moment. The cover is quite simple, but it captures all the different key aspects from each of the short stories intertwined into this book. The colours are also very tea-like making it appear even more creepy and mysterious.

Edgar's uncle lives in a haunted house, surrounded by a forest, away from prying eyes. But, his garden/forest is filled with statues and little ornaments that hold more significance to them than just a ornament. They all have a story to tell... of which will all give you nightmares.

The short stories in this book were amazing, they linked neatly together like a puzzle and the description and imagery was sensational.  It will keep you up all night wondering what certain aspects of the story mean and have you making up your own.

The next book in this series: Tales of Terror from the Black Ship.

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