REVIEW: The Recruit (Cherub #1) by Robert Muchamore

The Recruit by Robert Muchamore
Series: Cherub #1
Published by Hodder Children's Books on 15th April 2006
Pages: 329
Source: *Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Meet James & the gang for the first time.

CHERUB: The Recruit tells James Adams' story from the day his mother dies. Read about his transformation from a couch potato into a skilled CHERUB agent.

Meet Lauren, Kyle, Kerry and the rest of the cherubs for the first time and learn how James foiled the biggest terrorist massacre in British history.
This is a fun and adventurous novel with an interesting protagonist, that will make you laugh and support them throughout their training! I really like this cover, it is simple yet stands out due to the  brightness of the colours; I feel it also portrays their age range.

When James' mum dies, he is left to be sent to a children's home. But when he begins to get into trouble James is given the opportunity to join CHERUB, a sector made of teen spies as everyone knows they are the last anyone would suspect! But when training soon comes around, James will face the roughest 100 days of his 12 years. But if he thinks thats bad enough, he hasn't yet seen what his first mission entails.

James was a character whom prenounced himself to be strong, however was simply a child and vulnerable. He had kindness within him but also acted on instinct meaning his actions alongside the consequences were not thoroughly thought out, until afterwards; though he was very sweet towards his younger sister. What I found frustrating was the way he was portrayed, as his actions made him appear older. But HE'S ONLY 12 YEARS OLD! I don't think a 12 year old would be doing the things he was doing - the aspects that did not apply to any areas of his missions!

I loved the idea of CHERUB, an agency for young spies was intriguing and eye catching as it was written brilliantly and I was immediately engrossed by this interesting and secretive agency.

This was a fun espionage novel of which I thoroughly enjoyed, however our main protagonist James, was conveyed by a variety of his actions to be older.

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