REVIEW: Conquest (The Chronicles of the Invaders #1) by John Connolly & Jennifer Ridyard

Conquest by John Connolly & Jennifer Ridyard
Series: The Chronicles of the Invaders #1
Published by Headline on 28th August 2014
Pages: 496
Source: *Received from Publisher in exchange for an honest review*

She is the first of her kind to be born on Earth.

He is one of the Resistance, fighting to rid the world of an alien invasion.

They were never meant to meet.

And when they do, it will change everything . . .
Full of action, conspiracies and treason, this novel will have you holding your breath. I am quite a fan of the cover, it is not over-the-top but yet captures your attention as it shines; I am also pleased they didn't include their whole faces!

The Illyri have taken over the Earth, and they will kill anything in their way. However, as the Resistance becomes more ruthless and the Illyri become more agitated, rules are lifted to expose the weaknesses in all. (The least you know the better!)

"Only a fool wasn't frightened of dying, he told himself, and there was no bravery without fear."

Conquest by John Connolly & Jennifer Ridyard (Physical ARC, page 412)

This novel shifted swiftly and easily from numerous perspectives, though our main protagonist was Syl. She was strong and intelligent. She always put others before herself even when it would put her in the same danger. She had good instinct and though she was not a physical fighter, she was a fighter in her own way. I enjoyed seeing the perspective from Meia who is a spy, she was intuitive and flawless; a brilliantly mysterious background character. What I was pleased about from this novel was the romance did not take over the main plot; it was more in the background;  it was a sweet love interest.

To begin with, this novel takes a while to get into. I felt it was mainly due to all the information you were bombard with, to remember who was who and what happened when was hard to figure out during the beginning as you were immersed into a completely new world. This is a novel that you definitely have to stick to, and may take you a little while to read… it took me seventeen days to read!
Alongside this I felt there were some scenes that could have been taken out as I just got a little bored whilst reading them.

However, please do not let this put you off. It is certainly a carefully planned novel that is definitely full of action. The action and raging war between the Illyri and the Resistance in this novel is certainly dark but will simply captivate you to finish reading the scene; both are incredibly interesting to learn about. There is true emotion from all our characters, and the lengths they will go to to protect those they love, but also humanity.

This is an action-packed novel that drags you into a world were humanity is at its weakest.

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