REVIEW: The Spy Who Totally Had a Crush on Me (Spy Goddess #3) by Michael P. Spradlin

The Spy Who Totally Had a Crush on Me by Michael P. Spradlin
Series: Spy Goddess #3
Published by Open Road Integrated Media on 24th June 2014
Pages: 152
Source: *Received in exchange for an honest review*

With a traitor in her midst, Rachel faces losing her life and her heart—all in one semester

At Blackthorn Academy, a peculiar prep school in the mountains of Pennsylvania, students are concerned with all the usual things: homework, hookups, and how to save the world. For Rachel, studying has taken a backseat to a little problem she’s having with a supervillain named Simon Blankenship, who is convinced that he’s an ancient Roman god and she’s a reincarnated goddess whom he must destroy. They’ve tangled twice before, and Rachel has beaten him narrowly both times, but now Blankenship has done something completely unexpected: He’s stolen an important ancient artifactfrom Blackthorn Academy . . . and disappeared.

She and her fellow spies in training wait for Blankenship to show himself while contemplating the possibility of a turncoat in their midst. And as if that weren’t enough, Rachel must tangle with a different kind of problem: a totally cute new student, whose eyes are just a little too pretty, and who seems to know just a little too much about Rachel and her past. She must decide quickly—is he boyfriend material, or a traitor.
This is a light and addictive espionage novel with a witty main protagonist and her crew! I really prefer these new covers in comparison to the old ones, however I still feel they need something else to fully capture your attention.

Rachel is on a new mission, to find a stolen artefact that belongs to them. But they soon become tangled into something beyond what they first expected, something that will break away friendships and cause trust to dwindle.

Rachel's character is rather witty and her humour is some-what addictive. She is certainly an interesting character who may sometimes come across as a little selfish however is one of the least; she really tries to help those who she cares about. One of her main flaws is how she doesn't exactly think about things before she does them, meaning she will unintentionally put others in danger because she doesn't want to be left out from all the action.

This novel is certainly a cliche plot direction however it it certain addictive and is written with ease. There is more action and close-shave moments in this plot in comparison to the first novel which will keep your need for action at bay. The romance in this novel was sweet however I was very pleased by the fact that it didn't take over the novel and was actually more in the background.

This is certainly a light espionage novel with witty banter that will keep you reading on a winters day.

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