REVIEW: Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick
Published by Simon & Schuster UK on 7th October 2014
Pages: 384
Source: *Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Britt Peiffer has never been that adventurous, but that's about to change. Wanting to impress her ex-boyfriend, Britt convinces best friend, Korbie, to take a trekking trip with her. But when a freak storm leaves the girls stranded they seek shelter in a cabin, where they find two knights in shining armour. Or so they think.

Britt quickly realises that the girls need to get off the mountain, fast. In exchange for her life, she is forced to guide the boys down, and as they set out on a harrowing journey through the cold and snow, Britt realises the only way to escape with her life is to pretend she is on their side. But is gorgeous, sexy Mason an enemy or an ally? Tension mounts, and it's only a matter of time before things turn deadly . . .

Dark and adrenaline-filled, Black Ice will have you on the edge of your seat right until the final twist.
Going into this novel I wanted to know nothing. Very rarely do I do this but I absolutely loved Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush series so I expected to absolutely love Black Ice. I really wanted to love this novel, the plot was intriguing and darkly mysterious, the danger was portrayed to be haunting... and yet it all fell flat. I personally found it to be rather boring, predictable and repetitive. The characters I found to be uninteresting and I was unable to connect with our main protagonist Britt, as she was self centred and sadly incredibly boring; she dwelled on petty things. I am torn between my feeling of the cover, on one side it seems rather cheesy and fake, but on the other it seems rather angelic.

When Britt organised their trekking trip, she did not realise she would be kidnapped and forced to lead two strangers off the mountain... during a freak storm to save both her and her best friends life. But the only way she can make them trust her and not kill her, is to pretend she is on their side. But soon things become complicated and not only must she need to get off the mountain, but she has to solve their motives too.

The characters, oh the characters: Britt was a spoilt and unlikeable girl, she was self-centred and incredibly naive. All she focused on was getting her ex back, even though he dumped her over the phone, was controlling and arrogant, and didn't want anyone to find out about the relationship; obviously that was okay!? Not! Britt made herself vulnerable and lazy, depending on the men in her life to do everything for her; she just relied on everyone for everything. She relied on two male strangers to look after them, and though Stockholm Syndrome was present, I still can't believe she fully trusted them! I was so frustrated with both her and Korbie's actions, they relied on everyone else and put themselves in danger even though they had a map to help find a mountain ranger security building! I, just… AHH! Frustrating! But also the friendship between Britt and Korbie was incredibly puzzling. Korbie continued to treat Britt horribly and did not seem to care about her, and yet they were still friends. Alongside Mason, our male lead, was dark and brooding and yet he was incredibly frustrating too.

The plot of this novel was intriguing to begin with, then it became rather boring. It was sadly predictable and uneventful in comparison to what you might expect. Most of the novel was of them walking, maybe coming across a bear or house every-now-and-again. Sadly it was not engaging enough. The mystery was sadly predictable alongside what would occur throughout.

Sadly this novel did not live up to my expectations, I was unable to connect with our main characters and the plot was rather uneventful alongside predictable.


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