REVIEW: The Perfectionists (The Perfectionists #1) by Sara Shepard

The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard
Series: The Perfectionists #1
Published by Hot Key Books on 2nd October 2014
Pages: 272
Source: *Received from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review*

In Beacon Heights High, Nolan Hotchkiss is king. His charm, wealth and good looks are deceptively seductive, and many are the students whose lives and reputations have been ruined by it. All while Nola
n continues to reign, unquestioned and undisrupted. Until now, that is.

Mackenzie, Ava, Julie, Caitlin and Parker seemingly don't have much in common. Each has their own friends, dramas and goals. But one thing they do share: they all have a deep hatred of Nolan Hotchkiss. And they all think it's about time he paid for what he's done. They come up with the perfect murder - a hypothetical murder, of course. It's all wishful thinking ... until they wake up one morning to find that their wish has come true. Nolan has been killed - in exactly the way they planned. The thing is, they didn't do it. So who did?
I really struggled to rate The Perfectionists. On one hand, I'm asking if you can put zero stars but on the other I say two to three stars. Now this cover, is beautiful; it goes perfectly with the novel.

Nolan Hotchkiss is one of the most hated individuals, and yet he is the most popular. However, his popularity comes from the secrets he holds over many. When five girls decide to utterly humiliate him at his own party, he soon turns up dead. But they did not murder him. The girls must find his real murderer, before they are the ones accused.

Now the characters… oh dear:
  1. It took me a long time, due to the five POVs to understand who was who, who does what, who's friends are who, and their motives for hating Nolan. It took a long time as the majority of the five sounded like the exact same person.
  2. They made some really, really irresponsible and silly decisions. I will not say what they did as it will spoil it for you. The majority of the time I had to stop reading and look around in disbelief, as if to say, "Are they serious?!".
  3. They also came across as incredibly naive, linking to point two. Especially thinking the Police would believe them after the things they just did! Just… I shall leave it there or I could go on forever.
  4. They were strongly unlikable characters, with awful friends. I think nearly every friend turned on each of them. Yes they were academically intelligent, but otherwise they were just infuriating.
The plot of this novel, was very similar to Shepard's other novels. I expected more originality and danger, but all I felt I got was five girls making everything worse for themselves with their decisions. I feel my only positive thought of this novel was, that I still want to know who the murderer was. Meaning I am indecisive as to whether I should carry on with the series or not.

Overall, I strongly disliked this novel yet I still really want to know what happens next.

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