Hello everyone,

As many of you know I have been on a loooong break from blogging (since April) because of my exams
through May and June, because I had to ensure my full attention was focused on my exams and revision. 
It has been an enjoyable experience but now after three long months... I AM BACK! Wahoo!

I have been reading, though I think I only read about two or three books each month, which I am pleased 
with as it has ensured my full attention has been on revision.

Just to make you aware, my reviewing schedule has changed. Because my reading this year has been
rather slow I have been struggling to keep up with the schedule I had in place. Therefore instead of 9 to 10 
reviews a month, it will change to around 7 to 8. Therefore I am hoping to post a review after every 3 days.

Thank you for all your patience, my first review will be up tomorrow :0)

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