REVIEW: Black Horizon (Gemini Force One #1) by M.G. Harris

Black Horizon by M.G. Harris
Series: Gemini Force One #1
Published by Orion
Children's Books on 2nd April 2015
Pages: 276
Source: *Received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

After the tragic death of his father, Ben Carrington's mother, Caroline, teams up with entrepreneur, Jason Truby, to found an elite, top-secret international rescue organization - Gemini Force.

But when disaster strikes and Caroline is killed on a rescue mission, 16-year-old Ben is determined to continue her work with the Gemini Force team. As Ben fights to earn his place, can he prove he has what it takes to face dangerous situations and save lives?
Oh dear, where do I start. I was so excited for this novel, after receiving the press release and hearing its connection to Thunderbirds, I was thrilled to start reading it. Sadly I skipped around sixty pages to finally get to the end as I was thoroughly bored.

In all honesty, the only thing I felt happened in this novel was after Ben's father sadly passed away he wanted to start helping to save people from other disasters happening. And then he meets the individuals who are part of the Gemini Force.

I think one of my main problems with this novel was our protagonist Ben. Ben seemed to think he was indestructible and could do anything he wanted, therefore making him and his age incredibly unrealistic; he spoke like he was thirty! Followed by him coming across as rather immature and frustrating. Not to mention our secondary characters, there were too many and I just could not remember who was who, and what they were suppose to be doing; there was no depth or background to them, they were just there.

The plot was slow. And I mean slow. You would have moments when some information was dropped and some withheld, which is okay because that adds mystery. But you expect to receive a little more towards the end the make some sort of sense, but no. I was thoroughly confused. The plot, was incredibly frustrating and unrealistic. They would complete a mission and it felt like after the next two pages they were off again, whilst the action scenes became rather confusing and boring I found myself just scanning the pages. This novel felt like it was definitely targeted towards a middle-grade audience.

Overall, I was thoroughly bored. Somehow I finished it, but it was a massive disappointment.

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