REVIEW: Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator by Jill Baguchinsky

Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator by Jill Baguchinsky
Published by Dutton Books for Young Readers on 21st August 2012
Pages: 279

Winner of the Breakthrough Novel Award Contest--Jill Baguchinsky's quirky, creepy debut 

Violet doesn't remember much about her late mother, but she is certain of one thing: she too can see ghosts and communicate with the dead. But when Violet discovers paranormal activity in the girls' locker room, she finds herself ill-equipped for handling the school's ghostly echoes. Through Violet's own investigation and with the help of some unlikely allies, Violet discovers there is a lot she doesn't know about her special skill--and more still that can stand in the way of its power. With sharp wit and determination, Violet sets out to uncover the truth behind her school's haunting, to finish the investigation that led to her mother's sudden death, and to learn why the only ghost she has ever wanted to see is the one that has eluded her forever.
Fun and fast-pace, I absolutely loved it! I do not mind this cover, I think it is mainly the colours I like most.

After her mother's death, Violet had to move to live with her Aunt whilst her Dad was in University. Now able to take care of her, Violet finally goes to live with her Dad again. But Violet has a secret; she can communicate with ghosts. And the one thing waiting for her at her new school, one of the most powerful ghosts she has yet to come across. As Violet comes to terms with her new life, she finds allies in those she least expects, to help her solve the mystery surrounding the death of her mother.

Violet is a fun and comedic protagonist whom you cannot help but like. She is always ready to help others and and I felt like she said everything that you yourself were thinking; I could not help but smile when I was reading this novel! However, what I did also like was that there was a sensitive side, and that it was not all humour, for we do still see her grief over the loss of her mother which gives this novel the raw emotion it would have otherwise lacked. What also made this novel were the secondary characters like Tim, as they really added more fun to the novel alongside learning more about Isobel which too added some sad moments to the novel.

The plot of this novel was fun and fast-paced; I flew through it. There was some action and scenes that I did not expect. Baguchinsky certainly packed it full to the brim with scenes to keep you entertained; my favourite scene was certainly the one in the Graveyard in which I could not help but laugh-out-loud with the characters.

Therefore this is a fun and comedic novel that will certainly have you laughing, but also provide a more serious note to the novel, alongside some action; I really look forward to her future works! (There really needs to be a sequel to this; I want to read more of Violet's adventures!)

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