REVIEW: Ungifted (Supernaturals #2) by Kelly Oram

Ungifted by Kelly Oram
Series: Supernaturals #2
Published by Bluefields on 20th February 2014
Pages: 398
Source: *Received from the Author in exchange for an honest review*

Even though her father is running for President of the United States, Grace St. Claire is as normal a girl as they come. She’s clumsy, shy, and an outcast among her peers. She even manages to nearly die in a freak accident in front of the entire school. But when Grace survives a vampire attack she quickly learns that she is anything but ordinary. 

There’s something about human Grace that has all the supernaturals around her going crazy. Her best friend’s brother suddenly wants to date her. Her worst enemy has sworn to protect her even against her wishes. Someone with very powerful magic wants her dead, and the vampire that attacked her has developed an obsession with making her his eternal mate. 

In order to survive—and not as Count Dracula’s undead bride—Grace dives head first into the terrifying world of the supernatural. She teams up with a charming but mysterious warlock who strolled into town causing trouble and spouting stories of a Prophesy and Chosen One that looks exactly like Grace. Together they must figure out why Grace is different, who wants her dead, how she’s connected to the Chosen One, and who they can really trust.
Oh how I so wanted to love this. I really, really tried. I read to the end, yet I just did not enjoy it as I had hoped. I do love the covers of this series though, they remind me so much of posters for tv series.

This second novel in the series is a companion book, yet does link to the first novel in the series. Grace is the daughter of a possible future president, and therefore she has her own bodyguards, but what she never imagines is that they are actually protecting her from the supernatural... and that she is one of them. Grace's life soon becomes more confusing and dangerous with the introduction of her best friends brothers, who are supernaturals, and the claim a very old vampire believes he has over her.

As a character, I thought Grace was actually okay. She was strong, strong-willed, determined and caring, she was a main character who actually stood up for herself and didn't just do something because she had to. Alongside that, we did have a special appearance from Russ, which I couldn't complain about, it actually added a bit more excitement to the novel.

Now for the romance... Yeah. Forget love-triangles, this is a sort-of love-pentagon. There were five love interests, FIVE: Russ, Caleb, Andrew, Preston, and Ethan. I mean really. This is one of the main things that pushed me away from this novel, all they kept doing is whispering to her, picking her up... I was just like, "tell them to stop!".

The plot. The plot. It had a lot of potential, at points it certainly was dangerous and action packed, and I cannot fault Oram's imagination. Yet, I couldn't see the point in it. I just felt like there was no end goal, nothing to work towards, and scenes were just thrown in at random. Though it was enough to keep me reading due to Oram's imagination, I got rather bored at parts and just... Some scenes were just creepy and uncomfortable. What really gave it the two stars was the ending, although I would not have seen it and it felt very rushed, I am still rather shocked. Goodness, the first emotions. 

Therefore, I was not overly happy with this novel. Yet for some reason I still feel compelled to read the last book; it was that ending that saved it.

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