[BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY] REVIEW: Olivia Decoded (Olivia Twisted #2) by Vivi Barnes

Olivia Decoded by Vivi Barnes
Series: Olivia Twisted #2
Published by Entangled: Teen on 6th September 2016
Pages: 320
Source: *Received in from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

This isn’t my Jack, who once looked at me like I was his world. The guy who’s occupied the better part of my mind for eight months.

This is Z, criminal hacker with a twisted agenda and an arsenal full of anger.

I’ve spent the past year trying to get my life on track. New school. New friends. New attitude. But old flames die hard, and one look at Jack—the hacker who enlisted me into his life and his hacking ring, stole my heart, and then left me—and every memory, every moment, every feeling comes rushing back. But Jack’s not the only one who’s resurfaced in my life. And if I can’t break through Z’s defenses and reach the old Jack, someone will get hurt…or worse.
Oh. My. Goodness. This is honestly the fastest I have read a book in a
long time. Thank you Vivi Barnes for getting me out of my incredibly long and frustrating reading slump! I thoroughly enjoyed this. This series is unlike one I have read for a long time. I love novels about hacking and problem solving, maybe its the maths geek in me, but I get so addicted to novels like this. I was not sure how Barnes was actually going to do a sequel as the last novel felt as though it finished at a good place. But my goodness. The mystery, intrigue and emotion! I am so hoping there is at least novella! And these new covers! Love them!

Liv has not seen Jack for eight months. But when Valentine's day comes around, she finds a rose on her bed, and an expensive bracelet in her car, whilst simultaneously on Monroe street they find a bill for a bracelet matching the same description. Yet they did not buy it. And Liv cannot find out who gave them to her. As Liv continues to receive creepy pictures and messages, whilst money is stolen from bank accounts on Monroe street, the mystery stalker slowly brings Liv and Jack back together one last time to find out who the stalker is that is pushing them back together.

Barnes' characters feel so real. Liv is a strong and persistent protagonist, who shows true emotions and doesn't just brush it all under the rug. And for once, the characters actually tell the police and her family! THANK YOU! I cannot tell you how many novels I have read where they do not tell the police or their family about the creepy and unsettling things that are happening to them, especially because someone is stalking Liv. I really think it is the relationships in this novel that got me addicted. They are complicated, but they are built on, and not just thrown in. It feels like they are real. Then we have Liv's relationship with Jack... man, the angst! But their chemistry was amazing, and I really enjoyed reading about them reconnecting with one-another, and Liv with her old friend Sam.

The plot! Holy moly. I was addicted from the first chapter. It was very creepy and eerie, and I felt rather nervous just reading it; it was unnerving. I did know, and figured out who was behind the stalking pretty quickly, however it was intriguing to find out why and how it came about. Barnes really tackles some topics in this novel, the awful past Liv has been through, and she handles them well. Although the novel is a great story, it is emotional and really makes you think; there is certainly a serious side to this novel and not one to think of as an 'easy, simple read'. But I really thoroughly enjoyed it, it added depth to the novel. It was so creepy, the mystery was laid out carefully and made for a very addictive novel.

This was an emotional yet thoroughly addictive novel, that is creepy and a little unnerving, making you really think. I cannot wait to read Barnes' future works.

ViviBarnesVivi Barnes was raised on a farm in East Texas where her theater-loving mom and cowboy dad gave her a unique perspective on life. After college, she convinced her supportive husband to
move with her to be part of the sunshine and magic in Orlando, Florida. On a good day, she manages to divide her time writing, working, reading, goofing off with her three kids, and avoiding dirty dishes. Vivi is a proud member of SCBWI and attends conferences whenever she can.


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